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Top Property in Bulgaria:
How to Become a Happy Owner of Real Estate in Sunny Land

There are numerous reasons to buy real estate in Bulgaria: sun, warm sea, convenient transport accessibility, possibilities for families with children. The glorious cultural traditions make it easy to adapt on the spot, and the prices for real estate in Bulgaria are among the lowest in Europe.

The most popular region for buying property in Bulgaria is the Black Sea Coast. At the same time, numerous housing is sold in the Mountain Region, in the North-West of the country, and Central Bulgaria.

A way to have a home at the most beautiful place

Property prices in Bulgaria are more affordable than ever. Purchasing a cheap property for sale in Bulgaria is the best way to ensure a happy, comfortable life in a quiet town or resort on the seashore, far from the bustle of megacities. Buying property in Bulgaria is an incredible opportunity for permanent residence and a vacation with the whole family.

BolgariaDom offers you a broad spectrum of real estate properties: resale homes and apartments with full legal support and a guarantee of the transparency of the transaction.

Types of residential real estate: a short guide

The most prevalent types of Bulgarian estates are:

    • Apartments. Located in multi-story buildings, they are standardly offered on secondary structures in residential areas, are not subject to the management company's maintenance, and do not have a separate infrastructure.

    • Studio apartments with an equipped kitchen area or studios with 1-3 bedrooms, located in residential complexes specifically with an equipped parking area. They are served by the management company, offered for sale from developers, including at the construction stage (primary market) or resale (secondary market).

    • Private houses in the local area are mostly one-room owners or realtors, usually two-story brick buildings with a tiled roof, located on the periphery.

    • Villas are luxury housings on the sea with a landscaped courtyard and a swimming pool, a garage, often a fireplace room. 

Real estate in Bulgaria: things to consider

The property for sale in Bulgaria can be roughly divided into two major groups: residential and commercial. The latter represents premises and structures intended to generate active income from restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, warehouses, industrial buildings. 

Residential cheap property Bulgaria apartments and houses are part of a brand-new primary market. You can opt for any type of house you want. Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider prices. Bulgaria's property prices may differ significantly depending on the region of its location. 

All other things being equal, the highest real estate prices were noted in the capital of Bulgaria — the city of Sofia, in the nearby elite cottage settlements on the Black Sea coast within the framework of sea resorts. Housing prices are more modest in ski resorts and mountainous areas, the lowest in the central and northwestern regions of the country. The property to buy in Bulgaria is located in the lowest price segment of the villages and the periphery.

A piece of paradise on Earth

With sufficient information and a good approach, purchasing a property in Bulgaria can become a successful business, especially since there are several good reasons for this.

BolgariaDom is an agency that is helping its clients become owners of outstanding villas, houses, and apartments abroad will allow them to acquire a property they like. The prices that the agency offers are always relevant and suitable for any wallet. Each client will be satisfied with the result if they decide to buy a house in Bulgaria with the help of professionals.