Hurray! Today I became the owner of a wonderful apartment in Sunny Beach! And the charming Mashenka helped me with the choice of this apartment, paperwork: a professional, sincere, intelligent person and simply a beauty. 

Good evening, Ukraine welcomes you. I want to share my pleasant event that happened in January 2024. My family and I decided to buy a home abroad. And we decided to do it in Bulgaria, by going to the website of the company Bulgaria Dom/Bulgaria Dom

Hello, my name is Evgeniy, I live in Germany.

My name is Adolf and I come from Germany. I bought an apartment in Bulgaria and Anna Grigorovskaya, the Bulgaria House company, worked with me. I would like to say a big thank you for the good cooperation with Anna Grigorovskaya and the Bulgaria

Good day everyone, we are back in Bulgaria!

My name is Waldemar, I am from Germany! I often vacationed in Bulgaria and decided to buy real estate through the Bulgaria House agency. My agent was Ekaterina Likhatskaya. And I came across a professional in my field. Very responsive and

I would like to share about my cooperation with the company "Bоlgaria Dom". And directly with her representative Maria. Which caused me the most positive emotions. And achieving the goal that I set myself.

Hello everyone! My name is Tamara. I decided to sell my property in Bulgaria, which is located in Sunny Beach.

I really want to leave a thank you note and say a huge, huge thank you for the cooperation of the Bolgaria Dom company and directly to the cool professional real estate agent Evgeny Krainova!

Hello, my name is Natalya! I recently purchased an apartment in Bulgaria in Sunny Beach. For this transaction, I turned to the company Bolgaria Dom. My consultant was Eugenia Kraynova.