Properties from developer

Found objects: 222
Deferred payment
from 48 726
Area: from 50 m²
ID No 9760
New Secret Garden complex under construction in the Sunny Beach resort. 
Deferred payment
from 269 000
Area: 319 m²
ID No 10601
We offer for sale three-story houses in a complex under construction  in close proximity to the square. Sarafovo, gr. Burgas.
Deferred payment
63 434
Area: 45 m²
ID No 9111
We present to your attention a new, high-quality Limited complex  at the coast of the sea close to the beach.
Deferred payment
58 086
Area: 42 m²
ID No 9109
We present to your attention a new, high-quality Limited complex on the seashore, close to the beach.
Deferred payment
from 89 316
Area: from 74 m²
ID No 7417
We offer for sale, by installments, apartments of various sizes in a new, luxurious complex in the resort of St. Vlas. Most apartments have sea views!
from 33 462
Area: from 31 m²
ID No 9494
We bring to your attention a large selection of apartments in the new residential building Villa Martini.
Deferred payment
from 62 500
Area: from 41 m²
ID No 10492
This newest residential complex in the elite quarter of Sunny Beach Zora (Rassvet) is an ideal place for a comfortable and luxurious life by the sea. Here are some of its features:
Deferred payment
69 900
Area: from 56 m²
ID No 10474
We offer for sale in installments apartments in a small building of high quality construction in the central part of the Sunny Beach resort. 
from 57 812
Area: from 31 m²
ID No 8521
We offer for sale apartments with beautiful furniture and high-quality appliances in the new part of the beautiful modern complex Sorento Sole Mare, 200 m from the beach.
from 49 823
Area: from 46 m²
ID No 10281
We offer to your attention a wide selection of apartments in  new complex under construction.
Deferred payment
from 69 900
Area: from 52 m²
ID No 9495
The Bulgaria House company is pleased to present to the market a new project in the Sunny Beach resort - a modern innovative complex with stylish architecture, thought out to the smallest detail.
Deferred payment
from 65 656
Area: from 58 m²
ID No 10242
Предлагаем на продажу  уникальное предложение от застройщика - жилой комплекс "Афродита Голд" на Солнечном берегу.  Новый соверменный комплекс предоставляет идеальные условия для комфортного проживания и отдыха на берегу Черного моря. Новый этап строительства "Афродита Голд" начался 


Property From the Developer in Bulgaria: Reasons to Opt for This Offer

Bulgaria is a sunny country with stunning wildlife, generous people, pure air, and a warm sea! There is a convenient territorial location and reasonable prices for the investment and maintenance of properties from developer Bulgaria for entertainment and permanent residency!

Coastal property from the builder Bulgaria is the most liquid offer for the future and current owners. Real estate in Bulgaria is more affordable than ever; the procedure of registration of ownership of the real estate in this country, in recent years, has become more convenient and more transparent. And when buying directly from the developer, it's even safer. Furthermore, purchasing apartments directly from the developer is the most profitable investment.

Why choose housing from a developer

People opt for property from developer Bulgaria for several reasons, including low cost. But now, the demand for newly built real estate is growing. Contemporary houses and residential complexes are being constructed in this country, where apartments are cheaper than secondary housing. But it all depends on the location of the home. The benefits of real estate from the developer are:

  • Legal transparency.

  • It is newly renovated.

  • It has a well-developed infrastructure.

  • It is situated in a convenient location.

Selling real estate in Bulgaria from a developer implies all-new elements, from communications to an elevator. The house from the builder Bulgaria, villas, or apartments has a modern, fashionable layout and equipment. During the district's construction, an infrastructure project is immediately laid down so that residents can use public transport, shops, and other necessary institutions.

Advantages of buying apartments in Bulgaria

Various climatic zones characterize the state located east of the Balkan Peninsula. There are majestic mountains, golden beaches, and picturesque forests. More and more people worldwide decide to purchase an apartment by the sea to breathe pure air and enjoy gorgeous views during their holidays or weekends. The advantageous ecological situation in Bulgaria improves the request for flats.

The cost of living in Bulgaria is remarkably lower than in neighboring European countries. At the same time, apartment owners will be able to discover many exciting things for themselves at any time of the year: trips to the Black Sea, visiting SPA and ski resorts, sightseeing.

Over the past decades, the country has been energetically creating new facilities, extending numerous cultural and entertainment establishments, and developing the service sector. It provides a comfortable living environment, so the sale rate of apartments in Bulgaria is growing every year.

How to quickly buy a home in the land of eternal summer

Buying properties from the builder Bulgaria is not extremely difficult, but you should know some of the nuances here. First of all, such properties are often sold by the developers themselves. In principle, this is quite beneficial since it offers convenient payment terms (loans, installments, etc.).

The sale of new buildings in Bulgaria is carried out through the BolgariaDom company. Since there are quite a few such objects on the real estate market, it can be time-consuming to independently look for apartments from developer Bulgaria. It's easier to contact a competent specialist who will do everything.

The company has been dealing with real estate transactions in the Bulgarian real estate market for a long time. It is aware of the latest trends and boasts an extensive database of apartments from the builder Bulgaria, primary and secondary market. Each of its customers receives qualified assistance and complete advice on all issues of interest.