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In recent years, real estate in Bulgaria has become increasingly popular among Europeans: both as personal housing and as an object for profitable investment. Bulgaria continues to occupy a leading position in the list of the most attractive European countries for investment. And there is nothing surprising in such popularity. The hospitable, rapidly developing country has a unique geographical position, thanks to which it has magnificent resorts on the Black Sea coast and in the mountains. At the same time, real estate prices are democratic. It can be profitably rented out. Thus, you get the opportunity not only to recoup the funds spent on the purchase of your house, apartment or apartment, but also to make a profit.

We offer our clients any kind of property in Bulgaria. Apartments in seaside, ski and spa resorts, real estate on golf courses, as well as urban and commercial properties are very popular. The services offered by our company include professional advice on all acquisition issues, full legal support of the transaction in RUSSIAN, individual selection and study tours of the objects. Residents of other countries at all stages you will be accompanied by our highly qualified managers and consultants who speak RUSSIAN! Why Bulgaria? Here are a few reasons that determine the growing interest in this country: Bulgaria is a full member of the EU 
The legislation of this country is unified with the legislation of the EU 
There is a stable political and economic situation and a favorable investment climate 
Bulgaria still has low property prices and moderate taxes 
It has a convenient geographical position, magnificent sea, ski and balneological resorts 
There is a mild and warm climate, mountains and sea. It is comfortable to live and have a good rest here. 
Bulgarians love and respect Russians, they speak Russian and write in Cyrillic. You are always welcome here. 
Bulgaria is famous for its sunny hot summers, many resorts famous throughout Europe, a large number of hotels of various categories, magnificent sea with amazing sandy beaches, for the cleanliness of which they are awarded the famous "blue flag" from year to year. The health-friendly temperature regime of air and sea water, its low salinity, the absence of flora and fauna dangerous to health make the Bulgarian coast, on which there are almost 80 equipped beach areas, one of the most attractive places for recreation. Thanks to the snow-capped mountains and endless coniferous forests, Bulgaria has become popular among tourists not only as a summer resort, but also as a winter resort where the snow cover lasts up to 120 days a year, and in the highlands up to 7-8 months. At the foot of the picturesque mountainous areas there are many healing and mineral springs. At the moment, 110 resorts officially operate in Bulgaria, of which 36 are of national importance (including 5 mountain and 10 sea) and 68 of local importance (balneotherapy, mountain and sea). A network of 3 national parks, 9 natural parks and 89 nature reserves, 2240 natural attractions has been created, mainly at the foot of picturesque mountainous areas. 

Various ancient methods of healing, which at one time were widely used in practice, have now been thrown overboard by modern medicine. But the balneological methods of treatment, known to ancient doctors, are still in use today - and, as experts believe, they will be used until the healing springs covered with legends run dry. What does all this have to do with real estate? The most direct: balneological health resorts and resorts are not only the sources themselves and other medical components, but also hotels, apartments, cottage settlements, infrastructure facilities, that is, everything that is of interest to professional players in the real estate market (investors, developers, developers, realtors) and their clients. And here their most promising prospects should be associated with the Bulgarian direction, since Bulgaria is one of the recognized European leaders in the field of balneology. First, a little digression into history. Balneology (from the Latin balneum - to heal pain (later meaning - bath) and logos - science) is the doctrine of mineral waters and water, mud, sea and climate treatment. As a branch of medicine, balneology studies the physical and chemical properties of mineral waters and methods of their use for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The beginning of scientific balneology in the 17th-18th centuries was laid by the German scientist F. Hoffmann, who first established the chemical composition of mineral waters and the presence of carbonic acid salts, table salt, magnesia sulphate, etc. in them. In 1822, the Swedish chemist Berzelius, after conducting chemical analyzes springs of Karlsbad, developed scientific methods for determining the composition of mineral waters. So by the middle of the 19th century, balneology had become a vast field of theoretical and practical medicine, which it remains today. In terms of the concentration of mineral springs, Bulgaria is certainly the number 1 country in Europe. Despite the fact that their exact number remains a mystery, located somewhere between 550 and 2,000, this is in any case more than the main European competitors of Bulgaria - Germany and Russia, and even more so than the competitors of the "second order" - Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary. But that's just about numbers. In the field of the development of the balneological structure, modern Bulgaria lags noticeably behind the same Germans or French. Velingrad, Hisarya, Sandanski, Sapareva Banya, Pomorie are just some of the Bulgarian medical centers that are widely known outside the country. However, according to representatives of the National Association for Balneology and Tourism of Bulgaria, at the moment only about 30% of the springs are used, the remaining 70% (among which are unique in composition and water temperature) are still patiently waiting for their new owners. It is no coincidence that at the second meeting of the Bulgaria-Russia business forum held in Sofia last year, the issue of creating the most favored nation regime for Russian investors ready to participate in the privatization and construction of new tourist and sanatorium-resort facilities, and even the possible creation of some Russian investment pool. There are not only many mineral springs in Bulgaria - they are also scattered literally throughout the country. Therefore, a potential investor, having studied the range of proposals, may well find a place where a balneological resort is easily combined with a sea, ski, mountain climatic resort. Or another place that allows you to focus on areas such as sightseeing, exhibition or congress tourism. An important economic factor here is the demand for housing in close proximity to balneological centers. Therefore, investors, as a rule, are engaged in the complex development of new resorts, along with hotels, bringing to the market small cottage settlements or even apartment buildings - both for sale and for rent.