Отзыв покупателя: Kira, Ukraine

Hurray! Today I became the owner of a wonderful apartment in Sunny Beach! And the charming Mashenka helped me with the choice of this apartment, paperwork: a professional, sincere, intelligent person and simply a beauty. 

Not only that Mashenka took upon herself the complete preparation of all documents, contracts with a lawyer, with a notary, with a bank, with sellers, absolutely. 

But above all, today, precisely on the day, on the day of the transaction, she came for us, picked us up, took us to the notary, took us to the lawyer, took us to the bank, took us. Well, that's all. We had already been everywhere, wherever we had been, arranged an apartment, and Mashenka took us back. 

She has become just a family member for us, so close that now we will rent an apartment only through our charming Mashenka.