Отзыв покупателя: Daria buyer Sunny Beach, Ukraine

I really want to leave a thank you note and say a huge, huge thank you for the cooperation of the Bolgaria Dom company and directly to the cool professional real estate agent Evgeny Krainova!

This year, in January, I sent an application for the purchase of some properties in Bulgaria. And very quickly, literally within the same day, I received feedback from Evgenia Krainova.

This is how our acquaintance began. At first we communicated remotely for three months. It so happened that I couldn’t and couldn’t come to Bulgaria. But I was very bribed by the fact that Zhenya kept in touch with me as a potential client and offered relevant options.

When, nevertheless, I resolved my questions and realized that I would leave and would be looking for apartments. Eugene and I contacted her, I gave her a bunch, a bunch of just options that I wanted to see and was extremely surprised that 90% of my wish list Zhenya said: “OK, come, we'll all see with you.” That is, there weren’t any, but you shouldn’t watch everything, let’s see 2-3 options and that’s enough.

When I arrived in Bulgaria, we agreed and Evgenia arrived in a company car and clearly guided me through everything, so to speak, the potential object of my future acquisition. The next day, we had a campaign and fresh current options. We looked at everything, but I made the choice, in principle, I think rather quickly. Zhenya's professional streak also helped to fix this choice. In this regard, with the help of Evgenia, we received a good discount on the desired apartment and the decision was made. The question came directly to paperwork and payment.

Since I am not a resident of Bulgaria, for me it was very exciting and stressful and psychologically stressful moment was the moment of payment. That is, how to do it, in which bank, what documents do you need? Thanks to Zhenya, this issue was also resolved very quickly and the sellers received the money very quickly within three banking days. And I soon received documents for the apartment of my dreams!

Therefore, I will recommend the company "Bolgaria Dom" for cooperation to people who want to possibly also buy property in Bulgaria. And of course, the face of this company for me is its employee, a cool real estate agent, a good, very nice person Evgenia Krainova.

Thank you very much, all the best!