Отзыв покупателя: Julia, England

I would like to share about my cooperation with the company "Bоlgaria Dom". And directly with her representative Maria. Which caused me the most positive emotions. And achieving the goal that I set myself.

This year, the issue of buying real estate has become acute due to many circumstances in life, and according to many criteria, the choice fell on Bulgaria. Including the financial criterion too. Since I had absolutely no experience in this. I had to go at random and of course there were a lot of attempts to contact different agents and each spoke his own. Someone said that it was impossible to buy anything for this amount, someone promised something a lot.

After talking with Maria, who did not promise anything, but promised to make every effort to resolve my issue and the security and reliability of the transaction, which is very important to me. Since I have a small child and I am a single mother.

Somehow, according to my inner feelings, I settled on Maria and stopped communicating with other agents. Upon arrival, Maria was already on Sunday on a day off on a tight schedule, it was a week before the New Year and on January 9 I had to leave. To choose an apartment, I had about 2 weeks to complete the deal. Literally in 3 days we chose the option we liked and made a deposit. And already on January 6, I made a deal and left with the keys to the apartment satisfied and happy, and on the 9th I flew away.

Maria coped with her duties with a bang. And my daughter and I are very happy with it. Because we have a beautiful apartment, a wonderful option that we have chosen and are now going to go on vacation. We can't wait and we are also taking our friend of the family with us, who also turned to Maria and Bulgaria Dom to buy real estate. Everything is so nice, nice employee.

I also really liked the atmosphere in the office and their leader when making a deposit. I am delighted and now we are going to buy real estate in our new beautiful apartment for our friend of the family.

And I hope that we will buy real estate in the future.

Thanks to Maria and the Bulgaria House company for the warm and friendly atmosphere and help in everything. Maria was with us everywhere, absolutely everywhere. And on weekends, and on weekdays, night and day.

Thanks to all the employees of the company "Bоlgaria Dom" and especially to Maria! Because even after buying a house, she helped me with documents and many other things, thank you!