Life By The Sea: Everything You Need To Know About Buying Real Estate In Bulgarian Resort Cities

Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of tourists annually. Resorts like Nessebar, Burgas, and Sunny Beach are known for their seaside apartments. They offer the opportunity to wake up to the sound of waves and watch breathtaking sunsets. Many tourists are drawn to regular access to entertainment, so they consider buying property in these resorts.

Overview Of Bulgarian Resort Cities

These are resorts popular among those who want to purchase real estate near the seaside in Bulgaria:

  • Varna is considered a very comfortable place to live. It's the third-largest city in Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea coast. Varna is a significant trading port in Bulgaria, with ferry connections to Georgia and Turkey. The resort area with a favorable climate is the fastest-growing settlement in the country, where foreign investors annually purchase apartments for residence or commercial purposes.
  • Burgas, the largest city in southeastern Bulgaria, is hugely popular among investors. This resort is located near the Black Sea coast, surrounded by mountains and numerous lakes. Burgas is famous for its holistic resorts and developed tourist infrastructure. The moderately humid climate and hot summers provide ideal conditions for beach vacations in Burgas. Due to the moderate costs, foreigners dream of living on the seaside in Bulgaria.
  • The largest beach resort in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach, located 36 kilometers north of Burgas. Tourists in Sunny Beach can enjoy 300 sunny days a year. The modern tourist infrastructure in Sunny Beach offers various services at optimal prices.

Benefits Of Seaside In Bulgaria

Many dream of living by the sea. Bulgaria has recently surpassed popular resorts in Spain, France, and Italy in terms of service, comfort, lifestyle, and infrastructure. The exceptional services and facilities cater to even the most demanding tourists and ensure a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Southern Bulgaria has a mild climate reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The warm but not scorching summer on the Bulgarian coast ensures comfortable relaxation. Winter sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the mild winter temperatures to engage in activities like skiing and snowboarding in picturesque ski resorts and mountains. In spring, the blooming nature is beautiful, and there are a plethora of flowers. The country's landscapes are bathed in a warm, golden hue under the enchanting autumn light.

Living by the sea in Bulgaria feels like an everlasting holiday. The relaxing environment in the coastal zone provides access to entertainment. Such conditions promote more measured and carefree lifestyles.

Residing among individuals who share similar interests encourages social connections and collaborative community initiatives. You can engage in beach cleanups, join water sports clubs, and more by creating a beach community. Engaging in lively public events like beach concerts and colorful seaside festivals unites residents. As a result, you can enjoy different experiences that enrich the seaside life in Bulgaria.

The Process Of Buying Real Estate In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, foreign citizens are not prohibited from purchasing real estate and are permitted to own seaside property, subject to specific legal procedures and requirements. The investor becomes the property owner upon concluding a transaction, but the land must be leased from the state. 

Upon establishing a business in Bulgaria, the restrictions on property ownership for foreigners are lifted. The land becomes the legal entity's property after completing an individual entrepreneur's registration.

The tax system requires mandatory registration after acquiring real estate. Within two months, the new owner must pay two separate taxes: property tax and utility fees. The amount may be divided into several equal parts or paid in a single installment. A one-time payment entitles the owner to a 5% discount. 

Non-compliance with Bulgarian legislation and delayed property tax payments can lead to penalties, jeopardize visa status, and affect residency permits. In rare cases, the state may seize the property and conduct auctions to settle any other debts.

How To Choose The Perfect Seaside Property In Bulgaria?

Consider these three factors first if you're determined to invest your savings in buying property in sunny Bulgaria:

  • purpose of the purchase;
  • maximum budget;
  • property's legal history.

Potential buyers can check out Bulgaria's property registry website, which provides access to detailed and updated information about the property's history. The system has information about the legal owner of the property, the purchase date, and previous owners. 

Online verification helps identify various factors related to a specific property, such as mortgages, encumbrances, bans, and lease agreements. Real estate agency lawyers conduct this procedure after signing a preliminary agreement and before completing the final transaction.

A complex approach helps conduct a beneficial purchase of seaside real estate in Bulgaria. A lack of experience in this matter can complicate an independent search for a suitable property. The legal aspect is important and requires preparing all documents before the deadline. Agency employees study the client's needs and select a suitable budget option for real estate to conclude the most advantageous deal.

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